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Payment Options for Heating Oil

Atlantic-Pratt Energy helps control your heating oil costs

For more than 100 years, Atlantic-Pratt Energy has been providing reliable delivery of quality heating oil to customers all along the South Shore.

Our pricing is fair, competitive and transparent while offering outstanding value. While we don’t offer the cheap prices discounters often do, we do provide dependability thanks to our team of professional delivery drivers, ample heating oil storage and longstanding, solid relationships with our heating oil vendors.

We also offer payment options that discounters don’t, as they only offer cash on delivery (COD). Because of our payment plans, you can manage your heating oil costs in a way that best suits your needs and budget.

Budget Plan

When do you use heating oil? You use heating oil during cold weather. That means your heating oil bills come then, when you have other expenses, like the holidays, tax bills and tuition payments. A Budget Plan makes life easier for you because it spreads your heating oil costs over 12 even monthly installments. You know what you’ll be paying each month, allowing you to better plan your household spending.


Another way to make your life easier is by enrolling in AutoPay. Instead of writing and mailing a check, or having to pay online, you need never worry about your Atlantic-Pratt payment being on time again! Your monthly payment is automatically paid through your credit card, debit card or checking account. By the way, if you use a credit card that offers points-based rewards, you can get those rewards even faster by using it for your Atlantic-Pratt AutoPay!

What affects my heating oil price?

During times of moderate and consistent pricing, individuals tend to be content with lower bills. However, when prices experience a sudden surge as has happened in recent years, consumers become curious about the variables that impact heating oil prices and strive to comprehend the underlying causes of these fluctuations.

Here are some things that affect how much you pay for your heating oil:

Crude oil pricing: Heating oil, a derivative of crude oil, is closely tied to its price due to the inherent connection between the two. The cost of crude oil, being a commodity, is intricately shaped by the interplay of supply and demand dynamics. Therefore, any factors that exert an influence on the global economy or disrupt the supply of crude oil will inevitably have a ripple effect on the expenses associated with heating your home. Examples of this would be geopolitical conflicts, like Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in 2022 or OPEC nations reducing production. As a result, it becomes crucial to monitor and understand the various intricate factors that shape the pricing of heating oil, ensuring that you can make informed decisions to effectively manage your home heating costs.

Seasonal supply and demand: During the winter months, when demand is high, heating oil prices typically experience an upward trend. Conversely, in the summer, heating oil prices tend to reach their lowest point. At Atlantic-Pratt, our goal is to acquire supplies during the summer when prices are most advantageous, enabling us to pass on those cost savings to you. Rest assured, we are committed to providing you with quality service and affordable heating oil options.

Operating costs: The cost of heating oil is influenced by several factors, such as labor expenses, transportation costs and storage expenditures. These factors, like in other industries, have an impact on the overall pricing. For example, when gasoline and diesel prices rise, it leads to increased costs for delivering heating oil supplies, operating transportation trucks and servicing our equipment vehicles.

Weather: The Northeast region holds the title of being the largest consumer of heating oil, making up 90% of the nation’s usage. This significant fact highlights the direct impact that events in this region can have on your heating oil prices. One crucial factor that influences these prices is the weather. When winters are exceptionally cold, the demand for heating oil rises, resulting in an inevitable increase in prices.

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