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Dieselfuel Plymouth County

Commercial Diesel Transportation Fueling in Plymouth County, MA

Keep your fleet running with Atlantic-Pratt Energy!

Diesel is an essential fuel for many South Shore businesses.

If your business, municipality or school district is looking for on-road and off-road diesel fuel delivery and service for your boats, fleet vehicles, equipment or commercial standby generators, you can count on Atlantic Pratt Energy.

We have been serving the South Shore for more than 100 years, with four generations of the Nogueira family providing reliable, personal commercial fuel service to businesses of all kinds.

Our diesel fuels customers are diverse, including marine customers, such as fishermen, tugboats, marinas, ferry services and dredging companies. We also supply diesel to construction and waste management companies, movers, courier and delivery businesses, municipalities, school districts and more.

You’ll get diesel fuel delivery customized for your needs, so you can be sure that you’ll always have the diesel fuel you need to get the job done. You can be assured of our supply, as we have ample fuel storage along with outstanding, long-term relationships with our vendors.

Diesel fuel Plymouth County

What are the advantages of on-site diesel transport fueling?

Improved fuel cost management. With onsite fueling provided by Atlantic-Pratt, you gain precise insights into the fuel consumption of your vehicles and equipment. This valuable information allows you to accurately assess your fuel requirements, anticipate fluctuations in fuel needs and optimize your fuel budget. By leveraging this data, you can enhance your operational efficiency and make informed decisions regarding fuel management.

Better work efficiency. The age-old adage “time is money” holds true when considering the impact of onsite fueling on productivity for you, your team and your drivers. By eliminating the need for drivers to waste valuable work time traveling to off-site fueling stations and managing receipts, you can streamline operations. Additionally, the burden of managing receipts and fuel card accounts is reduced, allowing you and your staff to focus on more important tasks that can enhance and expand your business. Efficient fleet fueling management empowers you to optimize your resources and drive growth.

Reduced fuel theft. Fuel theft is, unfortunately, an issue faced by numerous businesses, with employees sometimes misusing their fuel cards or allowances for personal purposes. However, with Atlantic-Pratt’s onsite diesel fueling, you gain better control over your company’s fuel expenses, ensuring that your money is allocated efficiently and effectively.

Reduced vehicle wear and tear. When drivers must deviate from their routes to refuel their vehicles, it inadvertently adds up to the mileage on those vehicles. Although it may seem trivial, these additional miles can quickly accumulate, especially when considering the size of your fleet and the frequency of refueling. As a result, this leads to increased wear and tear on your vehicles, resulting in higher maintenance and repair costs, as well as potentially reducing the lifespan of your fleet. By utilizing Atlantic-Pratt’s convenient on-site diesel fueling services, you can effectively minimize the wear and tear on your vehicles.

What is the difference between on-road diesel and off-road diesel?

Off-road diesel and on-road diesel are functionally distinct but share identical characteristics in all other aspects.

On-road diesel refers to the type of diesel fuel that commercial vehicles use. It operates on public roads, including trucks, buses and shuttles. Due to its usage, it is subject to the federal excise tax.

Off-road diesel is a specialized fuel primarily utilized to power large construction equipment, commercial generators, farm vehicles, backhoes and bulldozers. It is exclusively intended for off-road use, exempting it from the excise tax. This targeted fuel caters specifically to the unique demands of heavy machinery, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

Off-road diesel is tinted with a red dye to prevent its use in regular vehicles, serving as a way for drivers to avoid the excise tax. In contrast, on-road diesel is not dyed. The consequences for using off-road diesel can be quite severe, with penalties increasing for each offense and carrying a hefty price tag. For instance, in Massachusetts, the violation results in a penalty of either $10 per gallon of fuel or $1,000 per violation.

Whether your business is in Dorchester or Duxbury, Atlantic-Pratt Energy is your reliable diesel fuels delivery and service provider. Get in touch with us today, so we can discuss how we can help your business.