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More than a century of stellar service

A lot has happened in the last century. Empires have risen and fallen. Technology has created a world where the people, who were around 100 years ago, couldn’t possibly imagine.

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Over that century, Atlantic-Pratt Energy has become the Plymouth County’s leader for dependable residential and commercial heating oil delivery and service. The Nogueira family has been at the helm of Atlantic-Pratt for four generations.

One of the ways we have managed to stay in this business for all this time, grow and thrive is by continually adapting, so we provide the highest-quality, personalized services for our customers.

We understand that our customers are all individuals with their own needs and concerns when it comes to fuel and equipment in their homes. It’s why we listen to your needs and address them, instead of focusing on sales pitches and upselling. It’s why we offer competitive fuel and equipment pricing without compromising on the quality of our service.

We invest in the best equipment, heating oil and technology to make sure that our customers always get the excellent service they’ve come to expect from us. This website helps to keep our customers informed with regular blog posts covering topics that are important to you.

Our greatest investment is in our employees, who uphold our standards for respectful, reliable and responsive service.

You can see the results of our efforts in the outstanding reviews our customers give us.

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