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Posted: April 1, 2024

What Is A Heat Pump Split System?

Discover the benefits of this energy workhorse that heats and cools South Shore homes year-round

heat pumps With Massachusetts encouraging homeowners to consider alternatives, you’ve probably heard a lot lately about energy options for heating and cooling your home. One of the most versatile choices is the heat pump split system — a dependable way to stay comfortable year-round using just electricity to heat AND cool your indoor spaces.

Understanding how heat pump split systems work

The reason it’s called a “split system” is because part of the equipment is located indoors and part of it is outdoors. Instead of burning fuel to create heat, your HVAC unit simply moves heat from one place to another. Through this heat transfer, the unit takes heat from the air or ground outside and pumps it inside through coils filled with refrigerant (similar to what’s part of your kitchen fridge).

A reversing valve can change the flow of heat to release it from inside your home to the outside, cooling your home with air-conditioning instead.

Advantages of a heat pump split system

If you live in Quincy or anywhere throughout the South Shore, you might be looking to replace your existing system with a new heat pump. It’s a smart choice because heat pumps offer several key advantages, including:

Energy efficiency. Traditional heating and cooling systems must generate heat through combustion or other means — and that actually requires energy. Because heat pumps transfer heat instead, they end up expending less energy and saving you money on your monthly bills.

Ecofriendly impact. That lower energy consumption is not just good for your wallet — it’s great for the environment. Choosing a heat pump split system is a smart way to do your part by lowering your carbon footprint!

Convenience. Because heat pump split systems handle your comfort needs all year round, it’s easy to rely on just one system for both heating and cooling needs. And that makes maintenance simpler as well.

The right size heat pump for your home

So how can you know what’s the right size heat pump for your home? Our experts can help with that. We know the local climate, which is taken into account when calculating a typical workload for your system. Other factors include:

It’s important to determine just the right size heat pump for you. If you choose one that’s larger than what you need, you’ll end up wasting energy and money. But installing one that’s too small means it will have to work harder to meet your home’s heating and cooling demands — leading to excessive wear and tear on your equipment that can result in costly repairs.

Ways to save on heat pump installation

Heat pump split systems offer long-term savings but are a substantial initial investment. We can help you lower those initial costs by identifying all available incentives, including manufacturer rebates, federal tax credits and Mass Save rebates.

Turn to us for heat pump installation, maintenance and repair

Our professional team has extensive training, certification and experience with installing heat pump split systems on the South Shore. We’re here to help you choose the correct size heat pump for your home to maximize your comfort and energy savings!

We sell, install, maintain and repair energy-efficient heat pumps from such leading manufacturers as American Standard, Carrier, Mitsubishi and Bosch.

To help extend your system’s lifespan (which averages 20+ years) and lower the chances of your equipment breaking down, it’s important to commit to regular maintenance. This includes changing air filters, checking refrigerant levels, cleaning coils and more. When it comes to servicing your heat pump split system, you can rely on our skilled HVAC technicians to ensure top performance.

We also offer 24/7 availability for emergency repairs to make sure your equipment can get back on track for your household’s comfort and safety.

Explore your heat pump options with Atlantic-Pratt

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